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Left in the wake of the 1994 collapse of the Razor group, Razor 1911 continued to release demos and cracks on the PC. It had a more diverse membership than Razor 2, composed of all manner of crackers and connoisseurs. It also created a few demos, such as Crystal Crown and The Seal of Solomon. Razor 1912 was created in 1995 with a release of Demonsbane. However, shortly after this it dissolved. The members went on to other areas, although Lead was part of other projects and later became part of Megaforce during the late 1990s (although he kept his Razor affiliation) and Fox was part of the original Razor, before going on to create White Knuckle. Their leader at the time was Jack Elbo. They released Red Book Society in 1996 before the Razor name returned in 1998. On 24th June 2007, Razor 11.4 was released, along with their first demo, Demokiller, coded in JavaScript by 19 year old Nosferatu. Besides Nosferatu, some of the original members were still working on the project. In 2008, after splitting up due to various reasons Razor 11 broke up permanently as the members split up and found different projects.

Crack Gta Iv Patch Razor1911.45

In the 1998 the first demo released by Razor was Misscone, followed by a release of Desire and Separation in 1999. It also released the 4 demo release Razor Edge Demos in 1999, and was also the first to release demos for Freedom Fighters Arena, and the other new game Backyard Basketball. Razor 1811 later released Razor Edge Demos 2 in 2000, and was also the first to release Razor Crack Cracking Site in 2000. Due to internal problems in 2000 Razor 1911 switched to total demo. However, they recovered and released The Seal of Solomon, Splinter Vision and The other side of the Gate demos in 2001. In 2002 Razor 11 released Razor Edge Demos 3, along with their first console game, Forest of Fear. The group later released a console game in 2003, Razor Edge Demos 4, and a console game, Forest of Fear in 2004. In 2004 they released Razor Crack Cracking Site 2 in a bid to get back the crack releasing scene. In 2005, they released the first split up Razor project Megaforce, including the Razor 4 project.


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