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Mannix Dubbed In Italian Free ((FREE)) Download

In 1999, Anchor Bay acquired the rights to release the film uncut on both DVD and VHS.[citation needed] Their version restored the missing footage but kept the American end credit scene (a freeze-frame shot of Hemmings looking down into a pool of blood). As there were no dubbed versions of the missing scenes, the scenes (and additional dialogue omitted in the dubbed version) were featured in their original Italian language. The DVD offered both English and Italian audio tracks as well.

Mannix dubbed in italian free download


Henry Silva is barely in it, and as with the rest of the cast, he's very badly dubbed. I don't mind the lazy script or the low (even for italian cinema) budget, but there's just not enough fun. It's like a Bruno Mattei movie, only with none of the amazing Brunoisms. The last ten minutes saves it from being a total wreck.


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