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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with Fitnessblender's 8 Week Fat Loss Program: Tips, Testimonials, and Results

the first workout video for day 1 focuses on a quick (5:00) warmup routine that will make you sweat. you will then start to work your entire body. the focus is on good form and fast, but not inhumanly fast, cardio. the workout quickly moves into a balance of strength and endurance. the strength moves are done using mostly free weights, as well as some body weight exercises (such as pushups, chinups, and jumping jacks). the cardio moves are predominantly hiit training (high intensity interval training), which is basically cardio. the workouts are challenging, but not impossible. that was nice, because i generally don't feel challenged when i'm working out. the workouts are separated into different levels, so even though you are doing the same moves for your main workout for each day, it will never be too easy. the first week is mainly cardio, then the second week is more strength. on the lower levels of strength moves, you can move around and get up and down as you please, and on the higher levels, you are focusing on a few specific movements. on the upper levels, you are moving faster, but focus on one or two moves per set to keep you from getting tired. the workout concludes with some cool down moves, and a great stretching routine.

Fitnessblender 8 Week Fat Loss Program Pdf Free 35

day 2, which is the 2nd week of the program, starts with a great warmup routine that will make you sweat. then the emphasis is on strength training. the workouts are not as difficult as the first week, but you are still challenged, and are able to do moves like pushups, chinups, planks, lunges, and more. the focus is on the core, so there is a balance of lower and upper body moves. the cardio emphasis is again on high intensity interval training, or more specifically, tabata intervals. they are 20 seconds of "all out" cardio, with 10 second breaks to catch your breath. the first week in the program is all about tabatas, and then you do the same exercises again, but this time at normal pace. when you complete a set of tabatas, you get a total of 20 seconds of rest, which is followed by a 10 second sprint to complete another set. after a few sets of this, you will be able to complete 30 seconds of high intensity cardio without any rest.


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